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If you are tired of getting the general reading of your zodiac sign from the newspaper and want to know what the future holds for you, Vijayalaxmi Saxena is your answer.
She is one of the ace astrologers in India with over 25 years of experience in the field. According to Mrs. Saxena, there is more than just finding your personality in the zodiac sign. One needs to understand the various other astrological aspects of a person, including preparing the birth chart and interpret it correctly for one’s benefit.


Vijayalaxmi has studied under famous Vedic Gurus like (NAME) and has followed their tradition in Vedic astrology to offer guidance. Well-known for providing accurate reading every time, Vijayalaxmi is one of the most in-demand astrologers in India.

She has clients in the country and abroad too from all walks of life. In her 25 plus years of career as an astrologer, she has read over 50,000 horoscopes and helped many well-known and famous people to navigate their lives better.

It starts with you

Mrs. Viajayalaxmi Saxena offers holistic healing to customers along with creating and reading the horoscope.
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Nakshtra Oracle


With Nakshatra Oracle Cards, Vijayalaxmi helps people resolve various life issues while guiding them to have a better and safer future
You may find a simple solution to your complex problem and that brief meeting may just turn out to be a life-changing event for you!
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